How We Help

Clinic Work

Our purpose built clinic is situated on the outskirts of Maun where we run a CNVR (collect, neuter, vaccinate and return)clinic. In addition we provide veterinary care for the animals of low income individuals in the community and surrounds.The clinic has two operating stations and a pre op area. There is ample kennel space and exercise areas. A new isolation block of kennels was recently added and we are in the process of adding a dedicated cattery block thanks to recent generous donations. 

Mobile Outreach

Our outreach work brings vital veterinary care to isolated communities the length and breadth of Botswana delivering the chance of a better future to thousands of animals.
Outside of major towns there is little or no veterinary assistance. Government vets occasionally conduct rabies vaccination campaigns but do not vaccinate against other diseases or offer neutering services.
Our clinics which are funded by donations and coordinated by local helpers, therefore provide a lifeline for the dogs and cats in these remote villages.

Protecting Wildlife

We visit rural areas where villagers live side-by-side with wildlife. Our work helps to prevent the transmission of rabies and canine distemper, from reservoirs of infection in some of these villages, to canids such as the African Wild Dogs and Jackals, and felids including lions, leopards and cheetahs.
The African wild dog is extremely susceptible to canine distemper virus and with just an estimated 3,000 of these endangered animals left Botswana (5,000 worldwide), even the loss of a handful of the population would be statically significant. 
We believe that if we can ring fence Botswanas national parks and game reserves with a perimeter of vaccinated dogs the disease is unlikely to spread. 

Domestic Animal Education

Boys and puppies for outreach 2018
Six days a week, year round, our team talks to villagers about animal welfare and we distribute thousands of educational leaflets annually.
We are committed  to furthering our educational initiatives with our goal being to allow domestic animals to live side by side with wildlife, without risk of conflict or disease transmission. 
During our outreach campaigns we verbally educate the owners of domestic animals and also distribute dual-language educational leaflets which focus on the basics of animal welfare and disease prevention. 
We also understand the need for community engagement. Whilst Botswana enjoys a stable, democratic government, local governance is conducted by tribal leaders with each village having its own chief. Over the last decade we have developed strong relationships with many of these leaders which ensures our outreach clinics are welcomed and well received. 

Adopting & Re-homing

MAWS has many abandoned dogs and cats brought in along with unwanted puppies and kittens.  We have a rehoming and adoption policy involving a home check and follow up visits to see if the adoption has gone well. All our animals are sterilised and vaccinated, de wormed and de ticked before leaving us. A donation is always welcome and needed.

Lady with puppy for outreach 2018

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