Our Partners


The UK charity WVS has supplied our year-round supply of voluntary vets and vet nurses since 2006. WVS advertises for volunteers on its website and also donates medicines, equipment, and advice which is vital for us to continue our mission. Our partnership with WVS has been critical to our success.

Travel For Impact

TFI allows travellers to have the holiday of a lifetime while enabling positive change at their destination. By leveraging the immense power of corporate social responsibility, TFI has amassed a portfolio of partners that add a small levy to their products, creating a funding pool which is allocated by TFI to local charities such as MAWS. In recent years TFI have helped MAWS with education projects also.

Dogs Trust

 Dogs Trust is the UK’s largest dog welfare charity and has a network of 18 rehoming centres which care for over 16,000 dogs every year. Dogs Trust also sponsors a number of international projects and funded a vital vaccination programme to help curtail a distemper outbreak in 2013. In 2017 Dogs Trust backed MAWS in finding a Fundraiser to help search for funding abroad and major grant locators.

Wilderness Wildlife Trust

The Wilderness Wildlife Trust, an independent non-profit entity associated with the Wilderness Group, supports a wide variety of projects across Africa. The projects and researchers that it supports address the needs of existing wildlife populations, seek solutions to save endangered species and provide education and training for local people and their communities. In 2017 WWT helped MAWS by providing us with an all purpose vehicle to use on our Outreach clinics and transporting the dogs to the clinic.

Silent Heroes Foundation

US-based conservation charity, Silent Heroes Foundation, supports wildlife conservation and veterinary medicine throughout sub-Saharan Africa. Silent Heroes assists wildlife charities and has been working with us since 2012.

Botswana Predator Conservation Trust

 BPCT is known for its crusade to study and protect the endangered African Wild Dog. BPCT is well aware of the threat that diseased domestic animals pose to wildlife, and has endorsed and assisted our work since 2008.

Canadian Animal Assistance Team (CAAT)

 The Canadian Animal Assistance Team (CAAT) is a group of volunteer vets and vet technicians that are dedicated to providing vet care and education worldwide. The group has despatched volunteer teams to us since 2011 and is instrumental in helping us to refine our protocols.

Vets Beyond Borders

Vets Beyond Borders works with local governments and animal welfare organisations to establish effective veterinary-based programmes and undertakes the clinical training of local veterinary personnel to build their skills. VBB co-ordinates volunteer veterinarians and veterinary nurses to work on these programmes and supplies much needed medications and surgical equipment. VBB have been sending over volunteers to help us at MAWS since ?