Adopting & Rehoming

We don’t run a traditional dog shelter, but we are often given abandoned dogs and unwanted puppies and kittens to rehome. If you’re thinking about getting a pet, why not get in touch? All our adoptees are sterilised, vaccinated, and free of charge to a good home.

We frequently have puppies in need of good homes - if you are interested in a puppy please call Marie who fosters all our puppies. Marie Van Meer: 71754030

We occasionally have kittens requiring homes. If you would like to put your name on a waiting list for a kitten, please call Virginia from Harvest Moon, who fosters all our kittens. Virginia Possemiers: 71778806 / 73008241

Abandoned in the middle of elephant territory next to a rarely used track, by the time Buffalo Bill was found he was in a sorry state. Painfully thin, and infested with ticks and worms, he was close to death.
Buffalo Bill arrived at MAWS in June 2011, and today he is an elderly, portly, slightly grumpy, but still wonderful gentleman. Due to his pensionable age and lack of film star looks, Buffalo Bill is sadly looked over time and time again by potential new owners. 

The perfect dog for mature owners - and perhaps those who may only be in Maun for the short-to-medium term - Buffalo Bill would be prefer to be the only dog so he can enjoy some peace and quiet in his old age.

To make an appointment to meet Buffalo Bill, please call Tana on 71657443. 
Found in June 2012, hurtling through the centre of Maun with bony lump protruding from his hip, Hippie was brought to our clinic. Our vets diagnosed a very old hip dislocation, and given it did not seem to affect him at all, advised us to leave it well alone.
Hippie settled in nicely at our kennels and made friends with everyone that stepped through the gate. However, we have been unable to find him a suitable home – no doubt due to his less-than-perfect leg.
Hippie enjoyed a wonderful 4-month stay with a foster family where he proved himself to be the model pet, but is now back at our volunteers’ accommodation awaiting a forever home. He is a social chap and good with other dogs.
To make an appointment to meet Hippie, please call Tana on 71657443.