Equine Education & Welfare

Maun's donkeys are one of the town's most visible animal welfare issues. Left to roam day and night in search of food and water, those that elude starvation during the long dry season often end up dead or seriously injured in all-too-common road accidents. Access to veterinary care is limited and due to a donkey's relatively low value (approximately £30/$50) it is often viewed as 'disposable', a perception we are keen to change.

We're now delighted to announce that we are launching a brand new initiative to improve the welfare of Maun's 25,000-plus donkeys.

Thanks to the generous sponsorship of SPANA, we are implementing an equine education and welfare programme. The project aims to:

  • Teach farrier, husbandry, and basic veterinary skills to a small number of community-based animal healthcare workers in selected villages.
  • Educate donkey owners about the importance of general donkey welfare, particularly: hoof care; humane hobbling; correct harness and saddle fitting; stockpiling feed for the winter months.

By providing villagers with the know-how and the equipment to provide basic equine healthcare, we anticipate the programme will act as a form of livestock insurance for communities to ensure their donkeys live longer, experience a happier and healthier existence, and can work more effectively and efficiently. 

The equine education and welfare programme should be up and running by January 2015. If you'd like to find out more, please contact us.