Road Safety

Hundreds of free-roaming donkeys are killed every year in traffic accidents. We’re saving their lives – and those of the car drivers that hit them – by making the donkeys more visible at night with ‘glow-in-the-dark’ ear tags that reflect oncoming car headlights.
Donkeys should be seen and not hurt
Our reflective ear tagging project was initiated in response to the dangerous situation of donkeys roaming on Maun’s roads at night. Many of Maun’s livestock animals are killed or seriously injured in road accidents which also cause considerable damage to vehicles and their occupants. Donkeys are particularly vulnerable because their eyes do not reflect car headlights, meaning that the drivers are unable to see a donkey on the road in time to take avoiding action.
Funded by SPANA, a UK-based international working animal charity, our campaign is affixing reflective ear tags to a total of 1,500 freely-roaming donkeys to reduce the occurrence of traffic/donkey collisions at night. The ear tag renders both sides of the ear reflective to oncoming car headlights, ensuring the donkey should be visible whether it is facing towards, away from or side-on to traffic.
The project, which began in 2012 and was extended in 2013, also provides some much-needed animal welfare education to the village communities. A Setswana-language education pack is given to each owner and our team demonstrates the importance of hoof care and humane hobbling techniques. Each donkey is also given a general health assessment with treatment being provided where necessary.

Donkey ear tags illuminated by headlights