Sponsor Us Today

We do not receive any government funding and are only able to continue to treat animals thanks to the generosity of our sponsors and the local community. 

As a CNVR (collect, neuter, vaccinate, return) operation we do not run a traditional dog and cat shelter but we do still end up with some long term residents. We also feed and care for street dogs and cats.
If you can sponsor any amount – however small – you can rest safe in the knowledge that 100% of our income goes directly to animal welfare. 

Prevent Unwanted Puppies

Give a dog a better life for just £30 / $40. That’s all it costs to spay or neuter a dog, and it helps us to tackle the root cause of animal welfare issues – overpopulation.

Prevent Disease

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It costs just £5 / $6.50 to protect a dog against rabies, distemper, parvo, and other diseases. Protection lasts for a year and helps prevent disease outbreaks.

Treat A Dog With Mange

For just £10 / $13 we can treat a dog with mange: a painful and highly contagious disease caused by parasitic mites that results in intense itching, skin crusting, and hair loss.

Feed a Hungry Dog


Many families are so poor their dogs are forced to scavenge for food. Just £15 / $20 a month helps us to provide regular food for the dogs (and we help the family, too).

Transmissible Cancer

Transmissible Veneral Tumours (TVTs) are spread by sexual activity but can be cured by a short course of weekly IV treatment. Just £18 / $23 will save a dog’s life and prevent suffering.

Feed a Hungry Cat

Michelle with kitten

Cats can produce many litters in their lifetime. We get many kittens brought in requiring regular feeding and then rehoming. Just £45 / $59 a month will sterilize, vaccinate and feed them.