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We don't receive any government funding and are only able to continue to treat animals thanks to the generosity of our sponsors.

If you can sponsor any amount - however small - you can rest safe in the knowledge that 100% of our income goes directly to animal welfare. 

As a CNVR (collect, neuter, vaccinate, return) operation we don’t run a traditional dog shelter, but we do still end up with long term canine residents, and we also feed and care for street dogs. Why not sponsor one of our long termers? When you sponsor a dog your donation will be used to help that specific dog, or if their care needs have already been met by others’ donations, the funds will go to help other animals in your dog’s area.


Give a dog a better life for just £20. That’s all it costs to spay or neuter a dog, and it helps us to tackle the root cause of animal welfare issues – overpopulation.

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Help donkeys be seen and not hurt for just £4. We’re preventing accidents by making donkeys more visible at night with ear tags that reflect oncoming car headlights.

Abandoned in the middle of elephant territory, next to a rarely used track, by the time Buffalo Bill was found he was in a sorry state. Painfully thin, and infested with ticks and worms, he was close to death.
Buffalo Bill arrived at MAWS in June 2011, and today he is an elderly, portly, slightly grumpy, but still wonderful gentleman. Due to his pensionable age and lack of film star looks, Buffalo Bill is sadly looked over time and time again by potential new owners.
We’ve now decided to remove Buffalo Bill from the active adoption list and he will live out his remaining years sleeping in the sunshine and being fussed over by our vets at our volunteers’ accommodation.
Sponsor Buffalo Bill’s retirement for just £10 per month. 

It costs just £3.50 to protect a dog against rabies, distemper, parvo, and other diseases. Protection lasts for a year and helps prevent disease outbreaks.

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Many families are so poor their dogs are forced to scavenge for food. Just £8 a month helps us to provide regular food for the dogs (and we help the family, too). 

Found in June 2012, hurtling through the centre of Maun with bony lump protruding from his hip, Hippie was brought to our clinic. Our vets diagnosed a very old hip dislocation, and given it did not seem to affect him at all, advised us to leave it well alone.
Hippie settled in nicely at our kennels and made friends with everyone that stepped through the gate. However, we have been unable to find him a suitable home – no doubt due to his less-than-perfect leg.
Hippie enjoyed a wonderful 4-month stay with a foster family where he proved himself to be the model pet, but is now back at our volunteers’ accommodation awaiting a forever home.
Sponsor Hippie while he waits for a loving home, for just £10 per month.

For just £10 we can treat a dog with mange: a painful and highly contagious disease caused by parasitic mites that results in intense itching, skin crusting, and hair loss.

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Transmissible Veneral Tumours (TVTs) are spread by sexual activity but can be cured by a short course of weekly IV treatment. Just £15 will save a dog’s life and prevent suffering.

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Most people who have visited Maun Airport – and all of the Bon Arrivee pub regulars – will be familiar with the many friendly dogs that hang around the airport junction.
We’ve tried several times over the years to rehome these dogs, but they are too set in their ways as street dogs – preferring their nomadic life, the constant comings and goings of the pilots and tourists, and the opportunity to roam freely whenever and wherever the mood takes them.
We have sterilised all of these dogs to prevent any additions to the pack, and ensure their vaccinations are kept up-to-date. We also keep an eye on their general health, and feed and water them daily.
Sponsor these iconic and friendly airport dogs for just £25 per month.