Work With Us

We’re a highly flexible organisation that relies almost entirely on volunteers to exist. However, we do occasionally have vacancies within our permanent staff - more details can be found on our Careers page. 

Find out more about how we work… and how you can help.
Our Executive Committee looks after the day-to-day running of MAWS, and comprises anywhere from 3-7 members at any one time. The vast majority of everyday tasks are undertaken by two core committee members and hence we are always on the look-out for Maun residents with a little spare time.
Whatever your skills – marketing, IT, design, fundraising, grant seeking, cooking, shopping, organising, or even just fetching and carrying – we’ve got space in our friendly little organisation for people who are committed to making a difference to animals’ lives in Botswana.
We welcome volunteer vets and vet nurses year round to work in our veterinary clinic. In return for donating your time and expertise, we provide a high standard of self-catering accommodation just a couple of minutes’ walk from our clinic premises; food and beverages; and a cleaning service.
However, it won’t be the facilities you’ll be raving about, but the incredible experience of volunteering for a worthy cause in one of Africa’s most beautiful countries. If you’ve got 2 years’ post qualification experience, we’d love to hear from you.
We’re always interested in assisting with research projects that share our mission to prevent indiscriminate breeding, transmissible disease and human-inflicted cruelty in domestic animals.
We’re particularly interested in research that investigates the prevalence of infectious diseases in the region, and whether domestic dogs are a vector of transmitting these diseases to wildlife. 

We’re also interested in monitoring the efficacy of our sterilisation campaign through calculating and tracking the number of dogs in Maun over a period of years.