Canine Education

Six days a week, year round, our team talks to villagers about animal welfare. We distribute thousands of educational leaflets annually and are fundraising for a full-time educator who can visit schools to demonstrate the importance of animal welfare.
We are committed to furthering our educational initiatives as we understand how critical this is to our long term goal of bringing about enduring change that allows domestic animals to live side-by-side with wildlife, without risk of conflict or disease transmission.
During our outreach campaigns we verbally educate the owners of domestic animals about the need to prevent the transmission of disease to wildlife populations. We also distribute dual-language educational leaflets which focus on the basics of animal welfare and the need to prevent disease.
We also understand the need for community engagement. Whilst Botswana enjoys a stable, democratic government, local governance is conducted by tribal leaders with each village having its own chief. Over the past decade we have developed strong relationships with many of the surrounding village chiefs and this ensures our outreach clinics are welcomed and facilitated by the villagers.

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