Fund raise With Us

We are only able to continue to treat animals thanks to the generosity of our sponsors – people like you. And for us to continue to deliver a better future to thousands of animals, we need your help.

There are lots of ways you can help to support us, but we’ve recently registered with which makes it even easier to fundraise on our behalf. Just decide how you would like to raise funds, set up a page, tell your friends and family, and let Just Giving do the rest. Perhaps you are running your first 5K, or doing something even crazier like giving up chocolate for a month. Or perhaps you are getting married and really don’t need another toaster. The occasion you choose is up to you – but every penny you can raise counts.
Creating an online fundraising page on JustGiving only takes a few minutes. Once it is ready you will be able to share your story on social media and via email, and can start receiving donations immediately. Just Giving process all the donations and these are sent to us in just a few days, so we see the results of your hard work with no delay.