Mobile Outreach

We dispatch veterinary teams to remote areas, bringing vital veterinary treatment to isolated communities. We’ve travelled the length and breadth of Botswana, a country the size of France, to deliver the chance of a better future to thousands of animals.
Outside of major towns there is little or no veterinary assistance. Government vets pass through rural areas from time-to-time administering ad hoc rabies vaccinations, but do not vaccinate against other diseases or offer spay/neuter services.
Our clinics are therefore a lifeline for villagers whose dogs would otherwise never receive veterinary treatment. We are also able to provide humane euthanasia for dogs which have been badly injured or are suffering from terminal illnesses.
Our Outreach clinics are funded by donations usually and coordinated by some one local to the area. This helps us get the word out that the mobile clinic is coming and where and when we will set up.

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